Why Did Jesus Come Into The World?

“I came into the world to bring people to a point of decision…” John 9:30
Eyewitness: pp. 140-142
In Your Bible: John 9:13-41

Do we ever wonder why something happens and later discover that there were several reasons for it? Often we see the obvious, but may find hidden reasons or benefits when we look deeper into the situation.

As Jesus and his disciples walked along, they saw a man who had been blind since birth. The disciples asked, “Teacher, why was this man born blind?” Jesus replied, “His blindness is not due to sin but was given so the works of God could be revealed in him.”

Jesus spat on the ground, made mud, smeared it in the man’s eyes and told him to wash it off. The man did as Jesus said and he was healed. Astounded, his friends and neighbors took the formerly blind man to the Pharisees.

This healing of one man provided:

* A chance for a man to be made whole at God’s hand
* An opportunity for the healed man to testify to the Pharisees
* A record for mankind to see God’s work

The Pharisees grabbed the opportunity to say Jesus could not do this on the Sabbath. Others commented, “Can a sinner do this?” The blind man said he didn’t know if Jesus was a sinner, but knew he was blind and now could see.

The Pharisees continued to interrogate the man born blind. Jesus found the man and talked with him after he heard the Pharisees vehemently question him. Jesus asked, “Do you believe in the Son of Man?” “Tell me who he is sir, and I will believe in him.” “You have already seen him,” Jesus said. “He is the one talking with you.”

The man knelt before Jesus and said, “Yes, I do believe, sir.”

Jesus then said, “I came to this world to bring people to a point of decision, to give sight to the blind and blindness to those who think they see.”

The Pharisees were enraged at this blunt statement. “If you were blind, Jesus said (to them), you would be blameless. But because you say you can see, you remain blind.”

What an encounter after healing a man known to be blind from birth. The man receives life eternal, the family sees God at work, and the Pharisees get confronted with not seeing the work of God in their midst.

Application: If a man knows he cannot see, he knows he is blind. If a man does not have Jesus in his life, he is spiritually blind and does not know it. Do you know someone who is searching for God but blind to the truth? Help him find Jesus.

Prayer: Father, open my spiritual eyes to what you are doing, what you are saying, and what you want me to do. I believe you sent us Christ Jesus to show us your ways.

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